Cyber Security

Financial Implications

MyDoom is considered to be the most expensive virus in history, causing damage of $38.5B


Java, Adobe Reader or Flash are present on 99% of computers. Meaning 99% of computers are vulnerable

Biggest Threats

Our Capabilities

We have extensive exposure within the Cyber Security space, This is a niche where the fight for talent is at its most prominent. With over 70% of the world's business now operating, at least in part, on the cloud, the risk of a data breach in the cloud is multiplying. You need an agency to align with those who can secure the best in the field to defend your networks.

With our niche recruitment strategy, we can advise customers on the realistic options available to them to source the correct skill set for the desired programme, we are well versed in finding mission critical consultants, building and nurturing specific talent pools, so we have an understanding of the current market trends, skill shortages and market rates.

ITHR Can Offer:
  • •Security Director/Manager
  • •Chief Information Security Officer
  • •IT Security Officer
  • •Security Analyst
  • •Application Security Specialist
  • •Security Engineer/Architect
  • •Network Security Manager
  • •Security Officer/Administrator