Design, Development & Testing


Tastes are evolving, a website design that’s two years old may be too old

Market Change

In the coming years tablet sales are expected to match that of computer sales


Our Capabilities

We have specialised within the ERP sector since our inception. Investing our efforts and building our expertise in niche recruitment and consulting services. We have a proven capability in delivering bespoke solutions to our customer portfolio which includes consultancy and strategic integrators, large multinational corporations and local end clients.

Our team possess a deep understanding of the niche specialisms and a proven track record in servicing our client's needs on a global footprint, Quality is the cornerstone or our brand and we are constantly focused on improvement.

Working with locally based experts is our priority, nevertheless, we have nurtured a global partnership network to provide 100% compliant tax and visa solutions to our clients. Our dedicated contractor care team is here to assist in the relocation of talent. Our global reach within our niche technology area will ensure you get the best talent available for your projects.

Java - PHP - Ruby - Python - C++ - C - HMTL - CSS - JavaScript - Angular - React.js - jQuery - Node.js - iOS - Android - TypeScript - Cordova - LoadRunner - Selenium - Calabash -QTP

ITHR Can Offer:
  • •Software Developer
  • •Software Engineer
  • •Coder
  • •Architect
  • •Test Engineer
  • •Quality Analyst
  • •Test Architect
  • •Test Automation Developer
  • •Creative Director
  • •Design Director
  • •Creative Lead
  • •Senior Designer
  • •Graphic Designer
  • •Web Designer
  • •UI/UX Designer